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Julian Fisher   Photojournalist

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potholes in city road

Symphony in red and holes. Major city intersection, minor upkeep.

Boston MA


The art of disrepair in a major thoroughfare.

Boston MA

digital road sign water distribution

Bad water: old lead pipes.  Good water: plastic bottles.  Toxic lead levels in city water.

hand trucks with water bottles

Eligible to drink: an address with lead pipes.  Reward: cases of safe water. Lead-contaminated city water supply.  

Newark, NJ

sign near wetlands

Disconnect: broken pipe, broken promises.

Charles River. Watertown, MA

woman walking on train tracks

No service:  public transit failure.

MBTA stop.  Brookline, MA

commuter train station

Will you settle for a bus?  Moving urban rapid transit backward.

MBTA stop.  Brookline, MA

orange trolley on a track

Public transit today: MBTA High-Speed Line 1929 trolleys maintained by blacksmiths.

Central Avenue MBTA stop.  Boston, MA

train tracks through chain link fence

Built 1916, abandoned 1959, now derelict. Amtrak station on America’s busiest passenger route.

Central Falls, RI

train bridge

Delivering the future: single track, rusted trestle, America’s railroads.

Boston, MA

a dam below a fence

Crumbling, leaking, failing.  America’s dams show their age.

Town reservoir, Leominster MA

crumbing sea wall

Seawall, vintage 1954.  Two walls, no protection.

Lynn, MA

Seawall, vintage 1954. nbspA seashore at the mercy of the elements.

Seawall, vintage 1954.  A seashore at the mercy of the elements.

Lynn, MA