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Julian Fisher   Photojournalist

Two Incomes, One HouseTrapped In The Middle : Two IncomesTables / Charts

boy plays with cat on carpet

Pet care, house-sitting, video editing:  patching work-life together to save for quality housing with quality of life


She: I wanted to buy something, I wanted to buy in this neighborhood where there are a lot of amenities, we could always sell it whenever we wanted to. And then we never left.

He: The downside of this editing, for the continuing education program, is that it’s part-time, I’ve applied for full-time. I know I’m not earning enough. But it’s steady employment, it’s a good employer, pays well.

She: The dog hit the back of my leg and flipped me over and I landed on my hand and wrist. It was broken, a cast, for seven weeks. So that limited the mobility, I couldn’t drive, it was my dominant hand. If you don’t work and you’re self-employed, you don’t get any income. But I have no disability, no time off. That was tough.

man working at audio video work station