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Julian Fisher   Photojournalist

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Where the American industrial revolution began:  Alexander Hamilton’s manufacturing park.

Great Falls of the Passaic River, Paterson NJ

Sign for Industrial Park

Today’s American industrial park.  A far cry from the past.

Industrial Road, Walpole, MA

Mill in a field

From making to sleeping.  Then (1725): Flour mill for the Continental Army.  Now: condos.  

Pottstown, PA

abandoned factory

Take notice:  manufacturing moved out.

Worcester, MA


Demolished: American manufacturing in tatters.

Fitchburg, MA

locked chain link fence

General Motors built cars here.  Now, America auctions used cars here.  Progress constrained by a gold chain.

Repurposed GM Assembly plant, Framingham, MA

junk yard

Decommissioned: Bethlehem Steel plant then, junkyard now.

Pottstown, PA

old steel plant

Bethlehem Steel plant reimagined: a wastewater treatment plant.

Pottstown, PA

coal extraction plant

Coal extraction: the sun setting on America’s industrial past.

Big Rock VA

Up in smoke old manufacturing. nbspTransforming coal to coke and coke to steel.

Up in smoke: old manufacturing.  Transforming coal to coke and coke to steel.

Vansant, VA

Empty coal car.

Empty: coal car.

Pikesville, KY

washing machines in a box store

Samsung, LG…where are the American brands?

Big-box store, Somerville, MA

new cars in a lot

Honda, Acura, VW…any American logos?

Big-box store parking lot.  Waltham, MA