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Julian Fisher   Photojournalist

New House Old HouseTrapped In The Middle : Neighborhood MarketPulling the Rug from Under a Career

old woman shopping at market

Working overtime:  owner of small century-old neighborhood market supports traditional role of wife and children at home, but double-duty for him picking up supplies that vendors won’t deliver to small markets


6:45, I have to leave from the house, go pick up the deli supplies, then go to the wholesale market, fish, chicken, lamb, salad, pick up the other stock, then come back to the store.  I’m going to have to work hard.  My wife can stay home, to look after the kids, pick them up after school, basketball, baseball, swimming,  so many activities to do. I have to work extra.  But I won’t have to get a loan for the children’s education.

men working in back room of market
loading supplies from car outside market